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Welcome to Sapphire Computech Pvt, Ltd Services - the IT Infrastructure solutions company

SCOMP® is the brand of Sapphire ComputechPvt Ltd and launched in June 2009 with product range of Mouse keyboard , Laptop Adaptor, laptop battery , Tablet Pc , Thin Client Computer , SCPL planning to expend our dealer and service network all over India in next two years . All SCOMP brand products ranges are coming with one year warranty .SCOMP is also engaged in the design, development, production of all future coming product like head phone Mic , SMPS, WEB CAM , LAN CARD , memory Card reader Multi Media Speakers .


  • Tablet PC
  • Mouse
  • Adopter
  • Key Board
  • Laptop Battery
  • Thin Client
  • Laptop Screen
  • Laptop Keypad